Using Two-Player Game Mode

The GrandPad contains several exciting and classic games that users will undoubtedly love. Sometimes, the GrandPad can be so immersive that seniors won’t want to put it down. That fun, addictive quality can actually facilitate some great personal connection when seniors are with their close family.

When seniors see their friends and family, one of the best ways to create memories is to play a game on the GrandPad that accommodates multiple people. Early on during a visit or holiday when you see your loved ones, fire up a fun game on the GrandPad designed for more than one player so anyone can join in on the action.

Here’s how to play with two people on select games:

  1. Select the Games app from the home screen
  2. Choose a game like Memory, Four in a Row, or TicTacToe from the Games list.
  3. When the prompt appears, select “Two Players.”
  4. A two-player game will commence. Pass the GrandPad arround, starting with whoever is going first.

These turn-based games are a blast to play with loved ones, so see who’s up to the challenge! To keep everything fair, be sure to switch up who goes first in games like Memory, since going first will give someone a competitive edge. Or, let your grandkid go first every game and watch their eyes light up when they make a match and give their grandparent a run for their money.

Take home a GrandPad today to experience the best tablet-based senior games on the market. The GrandPad comes with a full suite of useful apps and prime functionality to keep you connected to your loved ones in the modern world.